Did you know that the Alberta government has recently put in place several initiatives to encourage the adoption of clean production technologies in Alberta industry? These initiatives aim to reduce the environmental impact of industry while stimulating economic growth. Here are some examples…

  • One of the most important initiatives is the Clean Manufacturing Technology program, which provides grants to companies that adopt clean manufacturing technologies in their production processes.
  • The Alberta government has also introduced a clean technology investment Tax Credit program. Companies can use these tax credits to reduce their corporate income taxes.
  • A training program has also been launched to help workers acquire the skills needed to work in the cleantech industry. Specialized training and scholarships are also available to workers who wish to enter the field. By helping workers gain skills in the cleantech industry, the Alberta government hopes to stimulate growth in the industry and create new jobs.
  • Numerous grants are also provided for research and development programs to encourage innovation in the cleantech field.

These initiatives have been put in place to help Alberta industry become more “Environmentally Friendly”, while stimulating economic growth and creating new jobs.

The Government of Alberta recognizes that clean technologies are an essential component of the transition to a more sustainable and resilient economy, and these initiatives are an important step towards that goal. Universities and research centers are now working in partnership to support clean technology research and development while trying to leave the best possible legacy for future generations.

You are an entrepreneur and you want to be part of the transition? Here are 3 opportunities not to be missed!

  • Bioenergy. The Clean Technology program invests in projects to adapt, develop and deploy innovative clean technologies to benefit Albertans and contribute to the growth of the province’s low-carbon economy.

  • Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production. This program is designed to enhance the economic and GHG competitiveness of Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

  • Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration and Hydrogen are positioned to reduce emissions, diversify Alberta’s economy, and enable technologies that facilitate other clean technology focus areas

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