Firstly, what is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the development of computer systems that aims to create intelligent machines that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language, recognizing images, making decisions, and learning from experience.

AI systems are designed to learn and improve over time, becoming more accurate and efficient as they process more data. This has become an essential tool for businesses in various sectors.

Why should AI be used by businesses?

Well, there are a lot of benefits! One of the main advantages is that it can automate tasks that would normally be done by humans. This means that businesses can increase their productivity and get more done in less time. AI can also improve decision-making by analyzing large amounts of data and making predictions based on that data. This can help businesses make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Another benefit of AI is that it can improve the customer experience. For example, AI-powered chatbots can help customers get quick answers to their questions without having to wait on hold for a human customer service representative. AI can also personalize the customer experience by analyzing data about each customer’s preferences and behavior.

Using AI can also save businesses money by reducing the need for human labor. This can be particularly helpful for tasks that are repetitive or require a lot of time and effort. Additionally, AI can give businesses a competitive advantage by enabling them to make better decisions and offer better products and services than their competitors.

By 2030, artificial intelligence will propel economic growth in North America by 14,5%


So, there you have it, folks! AI is no longer just a sci-fi concept but has become a real game-changer for businesses in various sectors. By automating tasks, improving decision-making, enhancing customer experiences, reducing costs, and gaining a competitive edge, businesses can achieve greater success. And, as 20 somethings ready to enter the workforce, understanding AI’s potential and limitations will give us an edge in the job market. So, if you need a financial boost to develop ambitious AI-powered solutions, NEXT AI’s “Ai Incubator & Accelerator program” for young start-ups is here to help you with a $100,000 funding.

So let’s embrace the power of AI and use it to create a better future for ourselves and our communities. Make sure to never miss out any of our amazing opportunities to get funding!


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