The Canadian government has just announced that it will increase compensation for First Nations children who were abused while in foster care by $3.4 billion, bringing the total amount to $23.4 billion. This is a significant step forward in reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples, as it recognizes the harm suffered by First Nations children and provides compensation for those affected.

But what about opportunities for Canada’s Aboriginal youth? Well, that’s where the Northern Youth Cultural Fund comes in. This funding initiative, implemented in partnership with the Northern Sport, Culture and Recreation District (NSCRD), provides funding for interactive cultural, artistic or creative activities for children and youth aged 4 to 19 in northern Saskatchewan.

The Northern Youth Cultural Fund is dedicated to funding programs that provide children and youth with unique and meaningful arts and cultural experiences in their communities, providing financial resources to ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate in creative activities such as theater, art, dance, culture and music, and supporting cultural programming, which is essential to a healthy and vibrant community.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Indigenous youth in northern Saskatchewan to connect with their culture, express themselves creatively and participate in unique experiences that will change their lives. It is important to support programs such as the Northern Youth Cultural Fund as they provide financial assistance to children and youth who may face economic barriers to arts and cultural participation.

So while the Canadian government’s increase in compensation for First Nations children is an important step towards reconciliation, we must also support opportunities for Aboriginal youth to connect with their culture and express themselves creatively. So if you want to part of this reconciliation between indigenous and Canadian government, or if you have a a innovative project that can be beneficial for this community make sure to join us on Happly to be able to find a bunch of amazing funding opportunities to grow your project and be able to help others.


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